The Old Man's Hideout
says "Thanks"!

      Nobody just wakes up one day and creates a website all by themselves, not me, not the webmaster at Lycos, or anwhere else. They had to have training and lots of help before they managed to feel good about their work. Then they still have to keep studying!
      These are some of the good folks who helped The Old man along the way. Some of them are still helping out. Thanks, to all of you!

Larry "Griz" Dozier ( has been teaching folks how to build web pages for years. His first school was up on Tripod and was called "HTML4Rookies". That's where The Old Man first started, and Griz is still getting me out of pinches! And for domain hosting, you just can't find any better anywhere. You go visit him, he's one fine fellow and his domain hosting and online HTML Instruction just can't be beat!
Brad & Dave at have done one heck of a job in collecting and writing the neatest tools you'll ever need as a web page designer. The Old Man has enjoyed their association now for years and their tools really help make the job easier. Their company graphics are absolutely first rate! Thanks, Brad & Dave!
Scream Design (, is where you want to go for ultra-flashy pages and wild graphics! Go take a look, you can build a tryout right there on their server, download it and dress up your page. If you want access to the whole library and endless flashy pages you'll find them at Scream Design. These people advertise that they "Forbid Dull Websites!", and you'll see why.
EverSoft, ( Without a doubt, these folks put out the most incredible web page authoring program around. Free to download from their domain, it has more bells and whistles than any I've seen so far, includes a neat FTP screen, hundreds of ready-made codes and a red-blue-black HTML text on the backside of your page that lets you know when you're making a mistake!
ZoneLabs, ( was giving away their absolutely great PC Firewall, now it is available for a reasonable price. It's easy to set up, and it works like a charm. Go visit them, and see how easy it is to install and configure ZoneAlarm!
Steve Gibson, ( just has to be one of the best friends of the internet community that ever touched a keyboard. He will test your computer security for "leaks", then lead you to the free fixes! He also has some of the hottest data recovery tools available.
The Java File, ( can help you build those Java scripts that make your pages interactive or just extraordinary!
The HTML Writer's Guild ( holds classes on-line and in conferences around the world to help train professional web designers.
24Fun , ( has a monster reference file and links to other good places you can find great code. Like the name says, they are fun!